Croft (2017) is a short Tomb Raider fan film written & directed by Brandon Champ Robinson for Imagination Upgraded. Starring Jessica Wake as “Lara Croft”, Jasmine Wright as “Maya”, Austin Uku as “Head Boss”, and Lance Lee as “Main Henchman”.

Against her better judgment, Lara Croft takes on a young apprentice Maya which she quickly regrets.

Not rated. 7:05 run time.

Or watch it (here).

My thoughts… A brand new Tomb Raider fan film 10 days into the new year! From Imagination Upgraded! They also delivered the Harley Quinn web series (here) and the spin-off short film that pitted Harley against Rey from the Star Wars franchise (here)! Very cool! In 4K no less!

Update: Imagination Upgraded’s original 4K version is now private! Bastards. So, I added the video posted by Lance Lee who plays the main henchman in the film.