Kunoichi (2011) is a Japanese action film written & directed by Seiji Chiba. Starring Rina Takeda, Mitsuki Koga, Masanori Mimoto, Yûichi Satô, Mayu Onomura.

As the long, brutal and bloody war between the Iga and Koga ninja wages on, it is the women of the rival clans who pay the heaviest price. The kunoichi must fight alongside their fathers and brothers, they must bury their sons and their husbands, and when captured themselves, are denied an honorable death and instead reduced to sex slaves for the purpose of slaking the savage and twisted desires of their former foes. But when Iga warriors Shimotsuki and Hyotsu kidnap four Koga women, they soon learn that killing the beautiful ninja girl Kisaragi would have been a far wiser course of action. For a kunoichi is never unarmed, even when naked, and Kisaragi is deadlier than most. Rising martial arts superstar and Japanese Karate champion Rina Takeda explodes into action as prey becomes the hunter in THE KUNOICHI!

To hunt the ninja, is to seek one’s own death.

To hunt the kunoichi… is to find it!”

Not rated. 65 minutes. Watch the trailer here …

My thoughts… Kunoichi was Seiji Chiba’s follow-up to his fun sci-fi/action film Alien vs Ninja. It’s not as good as AVN but it’s not bad either. Kunoichi‘s saving grace is its lead actress Rena Takeda who is an actual Japanese karate champion. She is a delight to watch in good or bad movies! In Kunoichi, Rena Takeda, as Kisaragi, has two excellent fight scenes. The first is with Iga ninja Hyogi (Masanori Mimoto).


However, that scene (above) is merely a teaser for Kisaragi’s climactic fight with the Jack Sparrow-looking Iga ninja Shimatsuki (Mitsuki Koga). That extended scene is worth the price of admission alone!

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