The Zombie Cheerleader Massacre (2007) was a (then) upcoming short horror film to be made by Karin Zigner. That’s all I know but I’m not even sure of that. The film was teased with a trailer. Watch it here …

My thoughts… Zombies and cheerleaders? What’s not to love? Karin Zigner said of the trailer: “A taste of whats to come…to wet your appetite as it were. Enjoy!” Seven years ago, Danielle Zigner said: “Karin! How on earth did you get over 46 thousand views? Can you just finish the movie already!” Now, it has well over 150 thousand views. Did the film ever get made? If it did, I’d love to see it! If not, there’s always the 7th episode the 3rd series of the British TV show Misfits! Read more about it (here)! Oh, and I love this fundraising flyer for The Zombie Cheerleader Massacre


Yeah, I love zombies, too!