PMS (2012) is a short film written & directed by Veronica Di Feo for Deviant Children Productions. Starring Nicole Cruz, Lester Trombone, Nicholas Ortiz, Jahnu Stayton, Mariah Mills, and Dan Cain. Stunt/fight choreography by Orlando Cruz.

For 10 years, Will (Lester Trombone) has thought of nothing else but Nicole (Nicole Cruz), following her from High School to her current occupation as Basic Cable TV Host. Finally unable to wait any longer, Will decides its time to take Nicole for himself. Unfortunately for him, Nicole is close to THAT time, and her crazed hormonal strength results in a beat down to remember! PMS is a tightly paced thriller with plenty of humor and no shortage of ass whippings!

Not rated. 18:31 run time.

My thoughts… PMS offers a twisted tale of obsession and unexpected PMS-fueled vengeance! I thought it would end like the prank the Baldies pull on a couple of the Wanderers in The Wanderers (1979) but I was wrong!