QUEENS: Girls Just Wanna Have Fight (2016) is a short action comedy written and directed by Derek Pueblo. Fight choreography by Braxton and Michaela McAllister of McAllister Action Design. Starring Lilly Singh & Jade Chynoweth.

Not rated. 5:26 run time.

Watch a behind the scenes video (here) and a behind the fight choreo video (here).

My thoughts… QUEENS: Girls Just Wanna Have Fight is awesome!! Yes, I want to see more! Surprisingly, Jade Chynoweth is merely just an actress and dancer!! I would’ve bet she was a martial artist or a stunt woman! She even looks like a girl bad-ass enough to kick a guy’s dumb ass! My daughter loves YouTuber Lilly Singh (aka ||Superwoman||). I love her video “The Rules of Racism (ft. Ryan Higa)”. Watch it (here). Oh, and both Chynoweth and Singh are adorable!