The Regrettes are a punk/garage band from Los Angeles, CA. They are Lydia Night (vocals, guitar), Genessa Gariano (guitar), Sage Chavis (bass), and Maxx Morando (drums). The Regrettes are highly recommended for fans of Le Butcherettes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sleigh Bells, Thee Tsunamis, Detroit Cobras, etc.

Writing songs that proudly bear a brazen and unabashed attitude in the vein of acts Courtney Barnett or Karen O – with a pop aesthetic reminiscent of 50’s and 60’s acts a la the Temptations or Buddy Holly – the LA based four piece create infectious, punk driven tracks.

Selected discography:

Feel Your Feelings Fool! (2017). 15 tracks. Choice cuts: “Hot”, “Hey Now”, “A Real Human Girl”. Other awesome cuts: “You Won’t Do”, “Ladylike / WHATTA BITCH”, “I Don’t Like You”, “Pale Skin”, “Lacy Loo”, “Head in the Clouds”, “Picture Perfect”, “How It Should Be”, “‘Til Tomorrow”, “Seashore”, “Bronze”, “Juicebox Baby”.

Note: There is a hidden track at the end of “You Won’t Do” (track 15).

Selected videos:

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My thoughts… The Regrettes are what riot grrrl punk would sound like if the movement flourished in the era of ’60s girl groups and garage rock instead of in the wake of ’90s grunge. The members of The Regrettes are, surprising, still in their teens but you wouldn’t know it by frontwoman Lydia Night’s mature voice and her feminist world view. In the first half of “Ladylike / WHATTA BITCH”, she sings about what is expected of women; then, in the second half, she sings about what people think of her because she chooses to be herself. The theme is reiterated throughout the aptly-titled Feel Your Feelings Fool! and it’s one of the best albums of the year (so far)! “You Won’t Do” is my favorite track!