Saber (2009) is a mock commercial written & directed by Adam Green for ArieScope Pictures and Danger Maiden Productions. Starring Rileah Vanderbilt & Clare Grant of Team Unicorn. Saber won two Lucasfilm Awards (“Audience Choice” and “Best Action”) in the 2009 Star Wars Fan Film Contest at San Diego Comic-Con.

Not rated. 2:16 run time. Watch Saber here …


Saber 2: Return of the Body Wash

Saber 2 (2012) is the first sequel to Saber (2009). Saber 2 was directed by actor Seth Green and was released on May 4, 2012 (Star Wars Day). The film, once again, stars Rileah Vanderbilt & Clare Grant, and features Chewbacca (Robert Pendergraft) and Han Solo (Carlos Fogelquist).

Not rated. 2:58 run time. Watch Saber 2 here …


Saber 3: Revenge of the Threesome

Saber 3 (2014) is the second sequel to Saber (2009). Saber 3 was written by Adam Green and directed by Joe Lynch. The film, once again again, stars Rileah Vanderbilt & Clare Grant, and Team Unicorn‘s Alison Haislip. Saber 3 also features Seth Green and Breckin Meyer as electricians.

Not rated. 3:52 run time. Watch Saber 3 here …

My thoughts… Jedi girls, Sith girls, light sabers and fanboy wet dreams! I am not a Star Wars fanboy despite having seen the original 1977 movie as a wee little boy in the theaters on its initial release. However, I am a fan of the Team Unicorn girls and horror auteur Adam Green [Hatchet (2006), Hatchet II (2010), Hatchet III (2013)]! The first Saber is my favorite but all three are more fun than a game of Holochess with Chewbacca! That’s the best Stars Wars reference I could do!