Portal Combat (2015) is a short fan film written & directed by Ryan Connolly for Film Riot. Starring Emily Connolly, Josh Connolly, Todd Bruno, Arris Quinones, and Tim Connolly. Inspired by Valve Corporation’s Portal video game series.

Not rated. 7:05 run time.

Watch the making of (here) and the making of – part 2 (here)

My thoughts… Once again, here’s another fan film I love for a video game I’ve never played! I really need to start playing video games! In Valve Corporation’s Portal (2007) and Portal 2 (2011), you use the “Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device” or “portal gun” to create wormholes between two flat surfaces in order to solve puzzles. That’s all I need to know really. In Portal Combat, 15-year-old Emily makes a deal for a portal gun in exchange for a briefcase full of cash. However, the cash is fake – ’cause she’s 15! – and, now, she’ll need the portal gun to escape from the men she cheated. Awesome fun ensues!

And, since I do this in pairs, check out Portal: No Escape (here)!