Parasite (2015) is a short grindhouse-styled horror film directed by Christopher Nunez for 38 Film Productions. Starring Johanzen Palomata, Veronica Von, Alexx Nicole, and Jonathan Isaac. Original music by Justin Fraker. Shot on Canon 5D.

When a young couple gets together with friends for a BBQ, a unexpected guest worms their way into the group!

Not rated. 7:49 run time.

Watch a behind the scenes video (here).

My thoughts… Cute girls, parasitic worms and zombies! I love Parasite! I would watch the hell out of a feature-length version of this film! So, if it cost $300 to make this 7 minute short film, then it should only take an additional $3,150 to make an 80 minute feature! However, if they had switched out the Gummy Worms for wet cellophane noodles, I think it could have been ickier and creepier! Oh, and I love the surfy original music!