The Judas Run (2016) is a short sci-fi/action thriller directed by Eric Neal for SIGSALY Entertainment. Written by Tommy Sigmon and Eric Neal. Starring Renee Domenz, Christian Gray, Harold Dennis, Joseph Cranford, Patrick A. Burch, and Tim Krueger as “Degroot”. The Judas Run is the first of two short film prequels to the sci-fi thriller Angle of Incidence. The other short film prequel is Portunus (2016).

Small-time hustler Jane (Renee Domenz) steals a mysterious device and becomes the focus of a government manhunt and a pair of contract killers.

Not rated. 26:31 run time.

Watch the trailer (here).

My thoughts… The Judas Run is a very entertaining short sci-fi thriller, and Renee Domenz makes it even better! Portunus is pretty good, too. I’ll watch Angle of Incidence if it gets made but I’d rather watch a feature film about Renee Domenz’s character Jane!

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