You Never Know (2009) is a short time travel film written and directed by Matthew Chin-Quee for Time Remembered Productions. Starring Danielle Kirshenblat as “Stacey Danger”, Marc Hem Lee as “Walt Wilkington”, and Jason Ramsey as “Panic Powers”.

After her winning lottery ticket is stolen by a Time Traveler, Stacey Danger must track it down in order to regain custody of her daughter.

Not rated. 14:46 run time.

My thoughts… You Never Know has been viewed a mere 400+ times since it was posted on YouTube in 2014. You Never Know is an OK film – not a great film – but I like it so I’m giving it a little love here. Why do I like it? Well, I like it mostly because Danielle Kirshenblat is sooooo adorable! According to IMDb (here), she is “Danielle Kay”. I must check out more of her work!