Everlife was an American pop/rock trio based in Nashville, TN. The band was originally formed in 1997 in Indiana, PA, by sisters Amber, Julia and Sarah Ross but their family relocated to Nashville in 2003. Everlife was a Christian pop/rock band and, on their self-titled 2004 album, they sang their praises out loud. However, after signing with Disney‘s Buena Vista Records, Everlife toned down the worship for their self-titled 2007 album opting instead for songs about love and relationships, some written by other songwriters, allowing them to appeal to a wider audience. Everlife is best compared to Christian pop/rockers such as BarlowGirl and Addison Road, or secular pop/rockers such as The Veronicas, Lillix and Disney‘s own KSM.

Selected discography:

Everlife (2004). 10 tracks. Choice cuts: “Heaven Open Your Eyes”, “Angels Cry”, “I’m Over It”. Other good cuts: “Evidence”, “Lead the Way”, “Save Me”, “Take a Ride”. The rest: “Even When”, “Set Me Free”, “Getting Closer”.

“Strangers Like Me” (2005). A cover of the song originally written and performed by Phil Collins for the soundtrack to the Disney animated film Tarzan (1999). Featured on the compilation Disneymania 3.

“I Can See Clearly Now” (2006). A cover of the 1972 hit by Johnny Nash. Featured on the Disney Channel TV series soundtrack That’s So Raven Too!

Everlife (2007). Buena Vista Records. 13 tracks. Choice cuts: “Find Yourself In You”, “Faded”, “I Could Get Used To This”. Other awesome cuts: “Goodbye”, “Static”, “Where You Are”, “Go Figure”, “Daring To Be Different”, “Look Through My Eyes”, “Now Or Never”, “Angels Cry”. Other good cuts: “What I Like About You” (The Romantics cover), “Real Wild Child” (Johnny O’Keefe cover). Good bonus tracks: “I Can Love You”, “Heaven Open Your Eyes”.

Note: “Faded” is a cover of a song originally recorded by Australian Idol season 3 winner Kate DeAraugo for her first album A Place I’ve Never Been (2005). The song was co-written by Jessica and Lisa Origliasso (aka The Veronicas). “I Could Get Used To This” is also a cover of a song co-written by The Veronicas and originally recorded for the duo’s debt album The Secret Life of… (2005). “Look Through My Eyes” is a cover of the song originally written and recorded by Phil Collins for the soundtrack to the Disney animated film Brother Bear (2003). “I Can Love You” and “Heaven Open Your Eyes” are re-recorded versions of the songs that originally appeared on the band’s self-titled 2004 album.

“Reflection” (2007). A cover of the song originally performed by Lea Salonga for the soundtrack to the Disney animated film Mulan (1998). Featured on the compilation Disneymania 5.

At the Love Library (2009) Acoustic EP. 4 tracks. Choice cuts: “Attention”, “Resistance”. Other good cuts: “Goodbye” (Acoustic version), “Where You Are” (Acoustic version).

What’s Beautiful (2010). EP. 3 tracks. Choice cut: “What’s Beautiful”. Other good cuts: “Coffee At Midnight”, “Crazy Lately”.

“Will It Be Enough” (2011). Single. 1 track.

At the End of Everything (2013). 10 tracks. Choice cut: “Are We OK”. Other good cuts: “What Made Us”, “Three Little Girls”, “At the End of Everything”, “Coming Home”, “Forgive”, “Missing You”, “Timmy’s Song”. The rest: “Stop Sign”, “Love in Rhythm”.

Selected videos:


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My thoughts… All-girl pop/rock bands are one of my (many) guilty pleasures and Everlife is one of my favorites. I was first exposed to Everlife back on January 14, 2007 when I, reluctantly, accompanied my (then) 4-year old daughter, Gaby, to a performance of High School Musical: The Concert at the Wolstein Center here in Cleveland, OH. The band’s (then) upcoming self-titled CD was being promoted on a flyer that was handed to me as we walked in and I was instantly drawn to the album artwork featuring the Ross sisters rocking out in torn and faded blue jeans and Converse. Sure, they were just teenagers at the time but the image was still pretty cool. So, I pre-ordered the CD in hopes that my daughter would like them since the band’s most popular song “Find Yourself In You” originally appeared on the first Hannah Montana soundtrack (2006). Gaby loved Hannah Montana. In addition, “Real Wild Child” originally appeared on the soundtrack to the Disney animated film The Wild (2006) and “Go Figure” originally appeared on the soundtrack to the Disney Channel original movie Go Figure (2005). She loved both of those movies, too! However, she didn’t end up loving Everlife – but I sure did. And it all started with this album artwork …


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