KSM was an American all-girl pop/rock band from Los Angeles, CA, formed in 2006. They were Shelby Cobra [aka Shelby Spalione] (vocals), Shae Padilla (lead guitar), Katie Cecil (rhythm guitar), Sophia Melon (bass), and Kate Cabebe (drums). KSM was signed to Walt Disney Records, released one album and, like Everlife, toured with Disney’s top artists of the time. KSM disbanded in 2010. KSM is recommended for fans of The Veronicas, Lillix and Disney’s own Everlife.

Selected discography:

“Hero In You” (2008). Featured on Disney Girlz Rock, Vol. 2.

“Magic Carpet Ride” (2009). A cover of the 1968 hit by Steppenwolf. Featured on the soundtrack to Disney Channel’s TV series Wizards of Waverly Place.

Read Between the Lines (2009). Buena Vista Records. 13 tracks. Choice cuts: “I Want You To Want Me”, “Read Between the Lines”. Other good cuts: “Distracted”, “Don’t Rain on My Parade”, “Everytime You Go”, “Crazy Over You”, “Don’t Come Crying To Me”, “Saturdays and Sundays”, “Slow Motion”, “2 Guitars Bass And A Drum”, “Best Friends Forever”, “Permission To Party”, “Unpredictable”.

Note: “I Want You To Want Me” is a cover of Cheap Trick‘s 1979 hit and was used to promote ABC Family’s TV series 10 Things I Hate About You since Letters To Cleo‘s cover was used in the original feature film.

“Good Enough” (2010). A cover of the song originally performed by Lifehouse for the soundtrack to the Disney animated film The Wild (2006). Featured on the compilation Disneymania 7.

Selected videos:


Post-KSM, vocalist Shelby Spalione pursued a career as an independent artist, while guitarist Shae Padilla formed the short-lived alternative rock band FireSky.

My thoughts… Dave Grohl once said: “I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. If you fucking like something, like it.” So, I like KSM. A lot. Read between the Lines is filled with addictive pop/rock songs that rocked harder than any of the big hits from the Disney artists that KSM opened for at the time. The only difference between KSM and Disney’s own Everlife is that KSM was pre-fabricated. Everlife was a band that caught the attention of Disney, while the members of KSM were brought together by Disney to form a band. In addition, Read Between the Lines was produced and mostly written by producer/songwriters Matthew Gerrard and Robbie Nevil (who also co-wrote “Faded” with The Veronicas for Kate DeAraugo which Everlife covered). But, so what? Sometimes all I need is just a catchy tune. “Everytime You Go” is my favorite. The ska-tinged “Don’t Rain on My Parade” is cool, too, but it sounds a lot like No Doubt. Oh, and I love KSM‘s album artwork, too …