Quarter to Kill (2014) is a short action/comedy directed & edited by Luke Shelley for Big Richard Entertainment/Cliché Films. Written by Michael Kennedy. Starring Michael Kennedy as “Jack Copper”, Kristen DellaPace as “Victoria Tombstone”, Nigel Barber as “Police Chief”, and CJ Read as “Thug”.

When a crazed villain tries contacting London super cop, Rick Brass, she inadvertently gets bumbling policeman Jack Copper! Do you know what time it is? It’s Quarter To Kill.

Not rated. 4:16 run time.

Watch the film on Vimeo (here).

My thoughts… Quarter to Kill is half past awesome! It’s like Taken without a daughter meets a buddy cop film without a buddy! I came to this film just to see blue-eyed beauty Kristen DellaPace but I found a new favorite! Quarter to Kill is a fake trailer that, in the end and on the poster, promises that a film is coming soon. Was that part of the joke or was it really a promise? Well, since it’s now more than two years later, so I’m guessing it was just part of the joke. Bastards. Kristen DellaPace, of course, is still so adorable! Those eyes! Sigh. See also Ark (here).