AZRIEL (2013) is a short cyberpunk film written and directed by Teddy H. Wang for Teddy Blood Film. Starring Alexi Wang, Philip Pepin de la Cal, Andrew Alberson, Mary Beth Albers, John Ivan Moquete, and Alan Zhang.

In the future, people are living in a society that is watched by the SKY-EYE system. An underground organization called FATE had emerged by that time. FATE plan to destroy SKY-EYE system and lets people know the truth. One day, a woman was arrested. During her trial, the woman tells the interrogator a story about an assassin of FATE named Azriel. And the woman said she is Azriel…

Not rated. 9:41 run time.

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My thoughts… Anon ymous commented: “You just thought everything will be great if you put a good looking Asian chick with a sword and a bike didn’t you?” Yes. What else do you need? Duh. I don’t really get the concept of this film but it looks cool and Alexi Wang is soooo adorable!

azriel-maxresdefault-1 azriel-poster-1azriel-poster-2