FLAT (2015) is a short British horror film directed by Geoff Cockwill for Silvertip Films. Starring Libby Gore.

Lisa is on her way to a night out, when she gets a flat tire. Stuck in the middle of nowhere, with no-one to help, she soon realizes she isn’t alone and something is watching from the woods…

Not rated. 11:16 run time.

My thoughts… I love B&W and red films. Obviously, FLAT is not a B&W film. However, the film’s night setting fades all the colors except for Libby Gore’s red dress, shoes, flower scrunchy, and lipstick. So, it’ kind of the same thing. FLAT is a visual delight. The film’s concept and scares aren’t anything I haven’t seen before but it’s a pretty good short horror film nonetheless.

flat-libby-gore-01 flat-libby-gore-02 flat-libby-gore-03 flat-libby-gore-04 flat-libby-gore-05