The Weekend was a Canadian pop/rock band from London, Ontario, formed in 1998, by singer-songwriter Andrea Wasse (vocals) and Link C. (synthesizer). Wasse has co-written songs for Canadian Idol (2004), CTV series Instant Star, and Canadian pop/rocker Fefe Dobson, among others. With Fefe Dobson, Wasse co-wrote the Vines-inspired “Watch Me Move” and the ’70s-ish hard rocker “I’m a Lady” which were featured on the Canadian pop/rocker’s album Joy (2010). The Weekend is highly recommended for fans of artists such as Alexz Johnson, Halo Friendlies, Lillix, Everlife, etc.

Selected discography:


The Weekend (2000). 10 tracks. Choice cuts: “The Single”, “New Fast (Right Behind You)”. Other good cuts: “My Way”, “What I Die For”, “High School America”, “Drummer”, “Heard It On the Radio”, “Maracas”. The rest: “Fleetwood”, “Cindy”. Good bonus track: “Boy You” (live in studio).

Note: “Boy You” is a hidden track at the end of “Heard It On the Radio”.

Teaser + Bonus Level (2003). 10 tracks. Choice cuts: “Bring It On”, “80’s Rockstar”. Other awesome cuts: “Perfect World”, “Me vs. the World”, “Victory”, “Out of Sight”, “Work It Out”, “The Single”, “Baby C’mon”. The rest: “Workin’ for the Weekend”. Good bonus track: “Boy You” (out-take).

Notes: Tracks 1-5 (“Bring It On”, “80’s Rockstar”, “Perfect World”, “Victory”, “Out of Sight”) were original released in 2002 as the EP Teaser. “Me vs. the World” was covered by all-girl pop/rock band Halo Friendlies and featured on the soundtrack to the Disney film Freaky Friday (2003). “The Single” is a re-recorded version of the song from the self-titled debut album, while “Baby C’mon” is a re-worked version of the song “New Fast (Right Behind You)” also from that album. “Workin’ for the Weekend” is cover of the 1981 hit by Canadian arena rockers Loverboy. “Boy You” is a hidden track at the end of “Workin’ for the Weekend”.

Beatbox My Heart (2005). 11 tracks. Choice cuts: “Into the Morning”, “Temporary Insanity”, “Pretty from the Outside”. Other awesome tracks: “NYLA”, “There Goes My Heart”, “Kick Myself”, “Start It”, “California”, “Flipside”, “Cold Feet”, “Disconnected”.

Notes: “Temporary Insanity” was covered by Alexz Johnson as her character Jude Harrison on the first season finale of the CTV drama series Instant Star. Andrea Wasse also co-wrote the song “It Could Be You” for that same season (2004-05).

Selected videos:

Post-The Weekend, Andrea Wasse formed the L.A.-based duo Digital Daggers with multi-instrumentalist and producer Jason “Space” Smith.


My thoughts… I first heard The Weekend when I watched the 2004 action/comedy/lesbian romance D.E.B.S. on DVD. “Into the Morning” is featured on the soundtrack and the video for the song is included as an extra on the DVD. I fell for the silly (but fun) movie, the song and, in turn, The Weekend. On their self-titled debut, The Weekend sounded like a New Wave version of Nirvana, while on their next album they sounded more like The Go-Go’s meet The Cars. Then, on Beatbox My Heart, they downplayed the synths and sounded more like The Go-Go‘s with a subtle Ramones influence. Beatbox My Heart, overall, is the band’s best album. “Into the Morning” is such a cool song about the joy of rebellious teen love. The video is awesome, too, with Andrea Wasse performing in a Catholic school uniform and high-top Converse! “Temporary Insanity” and “Pretty From the Outside” are still great songs, too. However, this time around, I’m really loving “NYLA”. It’s a delightful tale of mismatched lovers: “You say you like New York better than L.A. and I just sit there / I believe that you like looking like a Ramone and I would rather kiss a Beach Boy.” Wasse is Canadian but she sure loves California (“NYLA”, “California”, etc)! Oh, and in case you didn’t notice, Wasse is wearing high-top Converse in the “Temporary Insanity” video, too! All girls, young or old, should wear Converse – with any outfit!

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