Sailor Girl with Jedi Lightsaber Fight (2016) is a short Star Wars parody/action film directed by Lin Zheng-Xian. Starring Patricia and Martin Chang.

Not rated. 3:55 run time.

My thoughts… This is bad. And dumb. And awesome! If the Star Wars universe looked more like this, I might be a fanboy! PyroNexus22 commented: “What is this? Somebody’s wet dream?” Possibly, yes. However, my wet dream might involve a cute punk rock girl with black hair, piercings and tattoos, dressed in a baby doll t-shirt emblazoned with the logo of the punk rock band The Distillers, black jeans ripped at the knees, a studded belt, and Converse, with a fire axe fighting off a horde of teenage zombies, blood splattering in all directions, to save a helpless beautiful blonde cheerleader with piercing blue eyes in a skimpy uniform. The cheerleader is the girl of the punk rock girl’s dreams even though the two have never even spoken a word to each other in the halls of their high school before the zombie apocalypse happened earlier that morning. The punk rock girl used to sit in class and sketch the two of them together in her notebook because she’s had a crush on the cheerleader ever since seventh grade when the punk rock girl first transferred to the school. The cheerleader never even noticed the punk rock girl before today even though they had two classes together in this, their senior year. The punk rock girl eventually vanquishes all the undead and stands amidst dismembered body parts still writhing around her, as the cheerleader stares back at her in awe, wondering where this bad-ass girl has been all her life. The cheerleader steps slowly closer and smiles. The punk rock girl drops the axe and grins. They embrace and… wait! Is it weird that my fantasy has such a detailed backstory? Well, Sailor Girl with Jedi Lightsaber Fight doesn’t, so don’t think – just enjoy.

sailor-girl-with-jedi-lightsaber-fight-01 sailor-girl-with-jedi-lightsaber-fight-02 sailor-girl-with-jedi-lightsaber-fight-03 sailor-girl-with-jedi-lightsaber-fight-04 sailor-girl-with-jedi-lightsaber-fight-05 sailor-girl-with-jedi-lightsaber-fight-06