The Dark Knight Retires (2013) is a Batman parody web series created by Hunter Davis & Mike Melo for Old Man Henry Productions. Directed by Mike Melo. Written by Hunter Davis [episodes 1-8], Mike Melo [episodes 1-8] & Robert Dunne [episodes 1-6]. Starring Hunter Davis as “Batman”, Marisa Persson as “Catwoman”, and Robert Dunne as “Robin”.

A disgruntled Batman finally retires. While adjusting to a normal life and dating Catwoman, the Dark Knight’s happiness is threatened not only by supervillains, but his own compulsive need to be a hero.

Season One (2013). The episodes are:

  • Episode 1: “Gotham Gets Annoying” (5:04). Starring Hunter Davis (“Batman”), Brendan Bradley (“Derek”), Jen Lilley (“Carly”).
  • Episode 2: “It’s Time To Retire” (4:01). Starring Hunter Davis (“Batman”), Jen Lilley (“Carly”), Jesse Gavin (“Mugger”), Thomas Harvey (“Fire Marshall”), Sydney Dace(“Jeff”), Yahli Fenigstein (“Child Patient”).
  • Episode 3: “Last Day On The Job” (4:44). Starring Hunter Davis (“Batman”/”Commissioner Gordon”/”The Riddler”), Tom Burkhardt (“Det. Stevens”), Alyssa Schroeter (“Tiffany”).
  • Episode 4: “Riddler’s Trap” (5:26). Starring Hunter Davis (“Batman”/”The Riddler”/”Commissioner Gordon”), Tom Burkhardt (“Det. Stevens”), Alyssa Schroeter (“Tiffany”), Marisa Persson (“Catwoman”).
  • Episode 5: “Catwoman Date” (5:52). Starring Hunter Davis (“Batman”/”Alfred”/”Mr. Freeze”), Marisa Persson (“Catwoman”), Kira Sternbach (“Sheila”).
  • Episode 6: “Freeze’s Revenge” (5:31). Starring Hunter Davis (“Batman”/”Mr. Freeze”/”Alfred”), Marisa Persson (“Catwoman”), Dan Banas (“Jimmy”), Robert Dunne (“Robin”).
  • Episode 7: “Robin’s A Turd” (6:56). Starring Hunter Davis (“Batman”), Marisa Persson (“Catwoman”), Robert Dunne (“Robin”).
  • Episode 8: “Joke’s On Batman” (7:02). Season Finale. Starring Hunter Davis (“Batman”), Marisa Persson (“Catwoman”), Mike Melo (“The Cavalier”), Robert Dunne (“Robin”). “DON’T MISS THE EPILOGUE AFTER THE CREDITS!”

Watch the pre-release sneak peek here…

My thoughts… The Dark Knight Retires is an awesome web series! I’m sure diehard Batman fans have probably watched this already but I only just discovered it after being taken by beautiful actress Marisa Persson in the short film Imperfect (here). She plays Catwoman in this web series and she is just delightful as the feline fatale! I would love to have seen more of her [in that catsuit!] in Season Two – or in her own Catwoman spin-off series! Sadly, The Dark Knight Retires retired.


Marisa Persson as Catwoman