Catwoman Vs. Robin (2016) is a short “fan made fight scene” directed, edited, and shot by Alden Earwood. Concept by Benjamin Mailloux. Fight choreography by Emilyann Marsh and Alden Earwood. Starring Emilyann Marsh as “Catwoman”, Benjamin Malloux as “Robin” and Robbie Pitchersky as “Pumpkin Guy”.

Not rated. 2:16 run time.

My thoughts… OK, I like Catwoman Vs. Robin. It was made “for fun and practice”, so I didn’t expect to like it at all. First, let me tell you what I don’t like about this film. I don’t like Robin. Sorry, Benjamin Malloux! I don’t like the comic book character to begin with but Malloux as Robin in his ill-fitting suit looks like he’s twelve years old! Now, let me tell you what I love about this film. I love Emilyann Marsh as Catwoman! Duh. Marsh is a bad-ass beauty and if her able-bodied Catwoman didn’t beat down Malloux’s scrawny Robin, I would’ve cried foul! The fight scenes are, surprisingly good and, since that Boy Wonder does get his ass handed to him by this Feline Fatale, quite realistic! Sure, Catwoman’s painted nose and cheek whiskers is a bit too literal but, damn, Marsh is just sooooo adorable with them on her face! More Emilyann Marsh as Catwoman, please!

Oh, and take not that the shit goes down, once again, in a parking garage!

catwoman-vs-robin-01 catwoman-vs-robin-02 catwoman-vs-robin-03

Here’s Emilyann Marsh as a Christmas shopper [who is also possibly Catwoman’s secret identity Selina Kyle] and Benjamin Malloux as a slightly more intimidating thief in a sequel of sorts to Catwoman Vs. Robin

More Emilyann Marsh, please!