Encontrados (2015) is a short action/thriller film written & directed by (Roberto) Galar Egüén for RQR Media.

Virginia and Alberto are two young people who see each other in person for the first time. Both have contacted each other through a website called “www.encontra-2.com”. What looked like a nice first blind date, will soon become something that neither of them expected.

Not rated. 10:45 run time. Spanish language.

My thoughts… Encontrados looks awesome! I wish I could speak Spanish. But I think I got this. Alberto charms Virginia, then abducts her so that he and his friends can do bad things to her live online. I’m guessing those bad things are of the “snuff” variety. However, Virginia escapes and turns the table on them. Galar Egüén also made the awesome short sci-fi/action film Stalkers (2015). However, there was no dialogue in that one so it didn’t matter!

encontrados-01 encontrados-02 encontrados-03