HYBRIDS (2013) is a short Canadian sci-fi film written & directed by Patrick Kalyn for Triton Films. Starring Daniella Evangelista and Kaitlyn Bernard.

In the wake of an alien infestation, an ex-special forces soldier’s daughter is killed in an alien attack. Seeking revenge, she leads a team deep into alien territory to a quarantined lab. Soon, she discovers the aliens aren’t alien at all, but a failed government experiment to create a bio-hybrid soldier. She must then expose the government’s cover-up and save the last standing city in the quarantined zone from falling.

Not rated. 7:49 run time.

Watch the film on Vimeo (here).

My thoughts… HYBRIDS is an excellent “proof-of-concept”film. I would love to see more of this angry mother kicking alien ass! Steve Fowler commented: “amazing how hollyweird makes 5’5″ 115 lb girls perform like Delta operators.” And, Chris Gange commented: “she can barely carry the gun, no muscle mass, just doesn’t look like she could punch her way out of a wet paper bag, sorry….very unreal? LOL” Yeah, and actors like Tom Cruise and Matt Damon look like real bad-asses!

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