Killing Love (2013) is a short thriller film written, directed, shot & edited by Tom Antos. Starring Dan Cristofori, Diana Schoutsen, Robert Nolan, and Alana Antos.

Killing Love is a story about a couple in love. He is a jealous man with a short fuse while she is beautiful and a little crazy. Together they are like modern day Bonnie and Clyde… a dangerous combination. They are bound to repeat their mistakes again unless one of them wakes up from this crazy killing love they’re in.

Not rated. 6:04 run time.

Watch the film on Vimeo (here).

Tom Antos Films links: website/Facebook/YouTube/Vimeo

My thoughts… Killing Love is a sexy thriller with a dark twist! Diana Schoutsen, of course, is what makes this cool film so sexy. She’s an actress, model and Miss Universe Honduras 2013. She also starred in Antos’ awesome action film parody The Ultimate Movie.

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