Karate Girl: STREETFIGHT! (2013) is a short karate/action video directed by Andy Hourahine for Force Productions in association with Nikaze. Starring Canadian Karate champion Julia Hourahine (as “Charli”) and Geordie Given (as “The BOSS”). Stunt choreography by Blair Johannes [Ripcord Productions].

Not rated. 2:43 run time.

Watch the video on Vimeo (here) and a behind-the-scenes (here).

Charli’s fight continues in …


Karate Girl 2: BRAWL (2015) is the sequel to Karate Girl: STREETFIGHT! Written and directed by Andy Hourahine for Ripcord/Force Productions in association with Jesse Enkamp/Seishin International. Starring Julia Hourahine and Geordie Given. Produced by Blair Johannes.

Not rated. 10:31 run time. Watch Karate Girl 2: BRAWL here …

Julia Hourahine will return [as Charli?] in Spring 2017 in Andy Hourahine’s short action film Break Room. Watch the teaser trailer (here).

My thoughts… That girl (Julia Hourahine) is bad-ass! She could be Canada’s next big female action star! Wait… Are there any existing female Canadian action stars for Hourahine to be the next one? I don’t know. Anyway, the fight choreography in STREETFIGHT! is a little better but both of these films are awesome! I can’t wait to see Break Room! The teaser trailer for the upcoming short film looks more like a teaser trailer for a feature film! Does it hurt a girl as much as a boy to get punched in the groin like that [watch at 00:46]?! Oh, and I love that cover of Nirvana‘s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”! Who sings that?!


Julia Hourahine

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