Questions (2016) is a DC Comics fan film written & directed by Zack Russell Bartlett for ZebrACloaK Productions. Starring Nolan Sullivan, Lynn Twarowski, Shade Ingraham, Julia Utter, Nick Prior, and Logan Young.

Two faceless vigilantes search for answers as they take on a dangerous criminal.


Not rated. 6:29 run time.

Watch a behind-the-scenes video (here).

My thoughts… Faceless vigilantes, a parking garage and a lovely bared midriff! I love Questions! Sure, the fight choreography could have been more polished but, overall, Questions is a very cool fan film! I would love to see more… especially more of the female Question! In a recent interview with Matthew Toffolo (here), writer/director Zack Russell Bartlett that Questions “was actually born out of a much longer script, which told the story of how Vic Sage, the male Question, groomed Detective Renee Montoya, the female Question, to take his place.” I would’ve loved to have seen Detective Montoya without her mask because actress Lynn Twarowski is quite adorable! In that same interview, Bartlett described Questions in two words as a “good attempt”. Don’t be so modest, Zack – your film is awesome! More please!

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