Someone You Know (2017 is a short Croatian(?) horror film directed and edited by Martin Došen for The Freak Show. Starring Klara Pančić and Srđan Baran.

My thoughts… Someone You Know is good no-budget effort but I like it mostly because that girl (Klara Pančić) is soooo adorable!! I am smitten with her! So let’s watch Klara Pančić again in Haunted Closet (2017), The Freak Show‘s follow-up to Someone You Know

My thoughts… The man in her drawing is FAR MORE TERRIFYING than any monster under her bed or in her closet!

someone-you-know-01 someone-you-know-02 someone-you-know-03haunted-closet-01 haunted-closet-02 haunted-closet-03