Then and Again (2015) is a short sci-fi/comedy film directed by JT Seaton. Written by Michael Varrati & JT Seaton. Starring Jonathan Tiersten, Nicole Cinaglia, Brad Griffith, and Mark Mammone.

When Nigel Robbins, a time traveler from 1995, wanders into a bar and attempts to impress the female bartender with his “future knowledge”, he’s in for a rude awakening when he discovers that instead of traveling back to 1975, he accidentally traveled forward to 2015.

Not rated. 8:01 run time.

My thoughts… I love Then and Again for two reasons. First, it’s a witty short film with plenty of twists despite the fact that it’s set in a bar and nothing really happens. It’s just a guy trying to pick up a cute bartender. Second, Nicole Cinaglia – the bartender – is soooo adorable! Next up for me… Alpha Girls: A Satanic Sorority Slasher (2013), a B-movie horror film featuring Nicole Cinaglia!

Here’s a gallery [from IMDb] of this adorable beauty …