Thin Air (2010) is a two-part “Indy Mogul Original Short” directed, shot and edited by Vincent Talenti for Indy Mogul. Written by Kevin Brooks & Julian Higgins.

Part One. “This is no ordinary girl. She’s lean, mean and can kick your ass! Did I mention she has super powers?” Starring Tybee Diskin, Dan Martinez and Aaron Giles.

Not rated. 1:53 run time. Watch Part One here …

Part Two. “In the thrilling conclusion to last week’s butt kicking test film, our super heroine Tybee uses her Grappling Hook to fly up to the roof for one last battle.” Starring Tybee Diskin, Aaron Giles and Vincent Talenti.

Not rated. 2:21 run time. Watch Part Two here …

My thoughts… Thin Air is an old favorite with the adorable Tybee Diskin!