Estrons are an alternative/punk/garage rock band from Cardiff, Wales, UK, formed by Tali Källström (vocals) and Rhodri Daniel (guitar) in 2012. After many line-up changes, the band is completed by Steff (bass) and Toby (drums). Estrons sing in both Welsh and English. “Estrons” is Welsh for “aliens” or “strangers”.

Selected discography:

Whoever she was… (2015). EP. 4 tracks. “Make A Man”, “Aliens”, “Ysbrydoli”, “I (Don’t) Want You”.

Note: Whoever she was… is MIA.

“Make A Man” (2015). Single. 1 track.

“Drop” (2016). Single. 1 track.

She’s Here Now (2015). EP. 3 tracks. Choice cuts: “Belfast”, “I’m Not Your Girl”, “Call You Mine”.

Selected videos:

Watch these awesome live performances as well: “Drop” and “Make A Man”.

Artist links: website/Facebook/Bandcamp/Soundcloud

My thoughts… In an interview (here), Estrons said: “We don’t want to be a band that sounds like something that’s existed before.” Well, that’s nearly impossible for any new band. So, with apologies, I say that Estrons sound like The Strokes meet Queens of the Stone Age on amphetamines! And, that’s a great sound! “Belfast” is my favorite track but Estrons call it a B-side!

I can’t wait to hear a full-length album from this cool band!

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