Mind (2012) is a short Italian horror film written and directed by Massimo Cola for LancMaxProduction in collaboration with M.C. Photo. Starring Giulia Caputo, Massimo Cermenati, Diego Ferrario, Giovanni Pergolesi, Emanuela Faranni, and Giorgio Ribaldi.

Not rated. 12:31 run time. Watch Mind here …


Mind (2012)

Mind 2 (2013) is the sequel to Mind. Written by Massimo Cola and Rudy Nalli. Directed by Massimo Cola for LancMaxProduction. Starring Giulia Caputo, Gianluca Mauri, Donato Sanza, and Fabio Donato.

Not rated. 14:00 run time. Watch Mind 2 here …

My thoughts… Mind 2 picks up where Mind ended, so the two films together are like one film. Mind is a Guinea Pig-inspired torture porn horror film except without excessive gore, while Mind 2 is more like a Kill Bill-inspired action/revenge film except with poorly choreographed fight scenes. So, why do I like these two films? Well, Giulia Caputo looks good in her undies in the first film and she’s sexy as a bad-ass heroine in the second film. Now, if only I spoke Italian so I could figure out what’s really going on in the last few minutes of the second film.


Mind 2 (2013)