Skin of the Witch (2017) is a short horror film written, directed, and edited by Erick Lorinc. Starring Stephanie Weetman, Sam Ferrand, Alex Blaznik, Andrew Allen, Madison Brown, Sydney Gold, Maura Gergerich, Beliz Eryilmaz, Collin Stevens, Annissa Omran, and Beliz Eryilmaz as “The Witch”.

A group of kids are hunted down by a witch who’s in need of new skin.


Not rated. 8:22 run time.

My thoughts… Skin of the Witch is another short film by Erick Lorinc. He also made the zombie short The Dead Awake and the fake grindhouse trailer Garage of Terror. Those two films aren’t great but I like ’em! And Skin of the Witch is no different! I like it. A lot. Skin of the Witch is his best film yet. It has a cool story, fun practical effects, good performances [especially from Sam Ferrand as mega-bitch Jessica], and an awesome ’90s interlude! Oh, and I love the song in that interlude [“Stained Glass Sex” by Vera Icon] and those “edgy 90s girls” [Maura Gergerich, Beliz Eryilmaz]. If Erick Lorinc keeps making films like this, I’ll keep watching ’em!

skin-of-the-witch-01 skin-of-the-witch-02 skin-of-the-witch-03 skin-of-the-witch-04 skin-of-the-witch-05