Arcade (2012) is a short 1980’s giallo-inspired horror film directed and edited by Christopher Brielmaier for Beyond Rogue Films. Starring Jessica Norwood, Mike Mazelis, Jon Shroyer,  and Brian Lashchuk.

This is our tribute to those weird, gory and often confusing Italian horror films of the 1970’s and 80’s. In Arcade a girl is left alone to close up for the night, but is there an unwanted guest still in the building? Shot on the Canon 5D Mark III at Bonker’s Playland in Flint Michigan.

Not rated. 9:29 run time.

Sadly, Arcade is unavailable to watch without permission on YouTube (here), Vimeo (here) and the Rogues Hollow website (here). Bastards. However, if you have Amazon Prime, you can watch the film (here).

Rogues Hollow Productions links: website/Facebook/YouTube

My thoughts… “Yummy yummy punk rock girls. I wish they all were punk rock girls!” Arcade is a fun retro 1980’s slasher film sprinkled with Italian giallo colors and a yummy yummy punk rock girl (Jessica Norwood)! I LOVE it! However, if this is a tribute to “1970’s and 80’s” horror films, why is that yummy yummy punk rock girl wearing a Nirvana t-shirt? It doesn’t matter. She looks great and so does this film! The music’s cool, too!

More Jessica Norwood, please! What is she doing now?

Oh, and if you don’t know, those lyrics I quoted are from the song “Punk Rock Girls” by The Queers. Awesome song. However, I prefer the cover by my favorite female-fronted pop/punk band The Dollyrots. Singer/bassist Kelly is married to guitarist Luis with two children but I love that she sings the song without changing the pronouns – like Joan Jett did with “Crimson & Clover”!

Listen to “Punk Rock Girls” by The Dollyrots (here).