Let It Be (2016) is a short English drama film written and directed by Bertie Gilbert. Starring Dodie Clark, Savannah Brown, Bertie Gilbert, and Jack Howard.

Whilst Martha and Carl are going through some rough situations, Death comes for a visit. After some things have settled, Carl finds something about Martha that he did not know.

Not rated. 17:45 run time.

Watch the film on Vimeo (here).

My thoughts… Let It Be is a poignant story about embracing death in order to appreciate life – and vice versa. I love that the underlying theme in this film is that the kind of person you are is reflected in the period, early or later, of The Beatles‘ music that you prefer. I have always believed that the artistic progression of The Beatles‘ music is a metaphor for life. Their early music and mop-topped baby faces reflect the innocence and simplicity of youth and being carefree, while their later music and mature facial hair reflect the experience and complexity of getting older and becoming more responsible. Their break-up, obviously, represents death. And, Yoko Ono is the Grim Reaper! Anyway, Let It Be is a brilliant and beautiful short film from one talented filmmaker and two adorable actresses. If Savannah Brown’s Death-disguised-as-a-cute-goth-girl comes knocking at my door when my time is up, I will gladly accept my fate and go with her!

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