Meet my new favorite band!!!


The Beautiful Monument is an all-female alternative rock band from Melbourne, Australia. They are Lizi (vocals, guitar), Shelby (bass), Andy (guitar), and Laura (drums). They say they play “heavy pop-punk / easycore”. I say they play hard-edged alternative rock. The Beautiful Monument are highly recommended for fans A Day To Remember, Memphis May Fire, Sleeping With Sirens, Bring Me The Horizon, Evanesence, Halestorm, and Cleveland’s own Unsaid Fate.

Selected discography:

The Lost (2015). EP. 5 tracks. Choice cut: “Nemesis”. Other awesome cuts: “Anarchy In Black”, “You’re The Reason I Purrr” [ft. Evan Lee]”. Other good cuts: “The Loved Ones”, “Corpse Bride”.

I’m the Sin (2017). 12 tracks. Choice cuts: “Disorder”, “Manifestation”. Other awesome tracks: “Justify”, “Perceptions”, “Sins”. Other amazing tracks: “Hostage”, “War”, “Empty”, “Comedown”, “Liberated”, “Ashes”, “Manic”.

Note: “Empty” is a short instrumental track.

Selected videos:

Artist links: Facebook/Bandcamp/YouTube

My thoughts… The Beautiful Monument‘s recently released debut album I’m the Sin is, without doubt, my favorite album of the year (this week)! The all-female Australian band’s alternative rock is energetic, passionate and wildly addictive! I’m the Sin is amazing from start to finish! It delivers a near perfect balance of aggressive riffs, heavy back beats and radio-friendly hooks! Oh, and it’s all driven by Lizi’s clean and powerful vocals! “Disorder” and “Manifestation” are great singles, for sure, but “Justify” and “Perceptions” should be tearing up the alt-rock radio charts both down under in Australia and up here in the US! Some day, The Beautiful Monument will be bigger that any of the bands that influenced them!

Did I mention “Sins” is a blistering, emotional power ballad that closes I’m the Sin and leaves you wanting more? I want more!

I f**king love this band! I sure hope they make it to the US!

So, I’ve been listening to The Beautiful Monument in my car, nonstop, for the past few days. My daughter Gaby heard the first three songs of I’m the Sin (“Justify”, “Perceptions” and “Disorder”) on the way home last night after I picked her up from her friend’s house. She didn’t complain. Then, when I picked her up from school today, “Justify” was playing. She said, “I like this song.” I knew she would. I told her that one of the band’s influences is Sleeping With Sirens. Gaby loves that band. She said, excited, as if it were a revelation, “They sound like Sleeping With Sirens!” I don’t know about that but if you love that band, you’ll love this band. Then, she said, “She even sounds like Kellin Quinn!” I said, “Well, that’s just because Kellin Quinn sounds like a girl. In fact, I think Lizi’s voice might be deeper than Kellan’s.” Anyway, now The Beautiful Monument has another new fan!

So, after the third day of listening to The Beautiful Monument in my car, Gaby said: “Dad, can you put this band on my phone please?”

Listen and you will be hooked, too!

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