L4ST (2014) is a short Finnish action/horror film written and directed by Mikko Löppönen for HMCIndie. Starring Jesse Liskola and Jessica Wolff. L4ST is a tribute to the survival horror video game The Last of Us.

Friendship is nothing. Survival is everything. Two survivors pick the wrong house to scavenge for food. This boils down to a deadly confrontation inside an abandoned building.

Not rated. 8:45 run time.

Watch the trailer on Vimeo (here). Watch a behind-the-scenes video (here).

My thoughts… Girls, guns and zombies! L4ST is another cool short action film from Finnish filmmaker Mikko Löppönen and his lovely muse Jessica Wolf. See also Eliza and Fray.

l4st_last_of_us_hmcindie-01b l4st_last_of_us_hmcindie-02