A VOID is a grunge band from Paris, France, fronted by Camille Alexander (vocals, guitars). Other members are [currently] Marie Niemiec (drums), Robin Dickinson (bass), and [previously] Roman Zaborski (drums). A VOID is highly recommended for fans of Hole, Nirvana, Babes In Toyland, L7, etc.

Selected discography:

Roses As Insides (2016). EP. 5 tracks. Choice cut: “Hush Me”, “Vanity”. Other good cuts: “Jeopardy”, “Blossomed Into Anger”, “Let’s Go To The Future”.

Selected videos:

Check out more live videos posted by 1982MarkP (here) and Stepunker (here).

Artist links: Facebook/Bandcamp/YouTube

My thoughts… A VOID is, by their own admission, a “grunge band that don’t care about sounding shitty because the chick who plays guitar shows her tits on stage.” I’ll admit it – I discovered A VOID after I clicked on this video (here) on YouTube because the thumbnail showed a girl [Camille] performing on stage with her boobs bared. I’m a guy, and my brain is hardwired to look at a woman’s bared boobs if given the opportunity without fear of consequences. I’m sorry but I can’t help it. It’s in my DNA. Anyway, if I didn’t like the band’s music I would’ve just enjoyed the show and moved on. However, I loved the band’s music and immediately downloaded their EP Roses As Insides! And I wasn’t disappointed. So, Camille’s penchant for performing shirtless is appreciated but not necessary. A VOID‘s gritty Hole-inspired grunge speaks for itself. Just listen to Camille cover the hell out of Hole‘s “Violet”! Oh, and am I too old if I find it surprising that someone in the audience had to question if Hole‘s lead singer was Kurt Cobain‘s widow?

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