#Smombie (2016) is a short German horror/thriller film directed by Karsten Beeker for Eye Wing Productions. Starring Malika Specht.

Do you ever wonder what happens when you care more for your phone than your life? Find out with #smombie!

Not rated. 4:44 run time.

My thoughts… Wow. That girl (Malika Specht) is absolutely gorgeous! I love her hair! Girls, smartphones and zombies! Wait. Smartphones and zombies? Smombies. Oh, I get it now! A smombie, according to Urban Dictionary, is “a person walking around unaware of his or her surroundings entirely absorbed in their smartphone.” Forgive me. I only just started using a smartphone last year. I used to be an anti-technology rebel until I realized that I needed to be able to communicate with my daughter. She’s a smombie. She needs to watch this film. Oh, and did I mention that that girl (Malika Specht) is gorgeous?