Blood People is a “female-fronted heavy punk rock band” from Chicago, IL, formed in 2016. They are Aly Jados (vocals, guitar), Jeff Loehrke (guitars), Ben Standage (bass), and Mickey Molinari (drums). The band’s influences include The DistillersQueens of the Stone Age, Patti Smith, Black Sabbath, The Bronx, Mastodon, etc

Selected discography:

Blood People (2016). EP. 4 tracks. Choice cut: “Last One Standing”. Other awesome cuts: “Mirror Mirror”, “Clowns”, “Burn the Ships”.

Selected videos:

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My thoughts… I read about Blood People in the “12 Bands for Feb” section of the latest issue (March 2017) of Alternative Press. The magazine quoted a tweet from the band Propaghandi about Blood People in which they wondered: “What if Joan Jett was in Baroness?” I was intrigued, but expected more heavy metal than Jett. What I heard was a sludgier, grungier version of The Distillers‘ melodic punk (especially on “Mirror Mirror”) and that’s even better! Blood People‘s debut EP is my favorite album of the year (this week) but it’s just too damn short!