Paradox (2016) is a short Australian student film made by Chloe Jones, David Mayes and Karri Munchenberg for TechniVision Films. Available in 4K.

A girl wakes up trapped, not knowing where she is she has to try to figure out how to escape, however on every failed attempt of escape she is reset back to her last location.

Not rated. 5:42 run time.

My thoughts… OK, I don’t get what’s going on in this film. However, that abandoned building is awesome and that girl is adorable! The version of the film above LOOKS AMAZING even if you don’t watch it in 4K! Maybe it’s just me. But this version (here), with a different soundtrack and a slightly shorter run time (5:00), offers some insight into the film’s concept. I still don’t get it though. But I like it!

Want more of that adorable girl and that awesome building? Well…

Shifting Sands (2016) is a short post-apocalyptic/time travel film made by Visionmix Group [Holly Smith, Chloe Jones, Tyler Dunbar, Karri Munchenberg, and David Mayes] for TechniVision Films.

Shifting Sands, follows the story of young girl surviving in a broken, apocalyptic world with the help of her mysterious friend. Being given a time travel pendant by a dying survivor, the young girl must choose whether to go back to her family or to stay with the one she loves.

Not rated. 5:01 run time.