Wonder Woman (2017) is a French Wonder Woman fan film produced by Guillaume Moreau for Twobib Videos. Starring Nadia Zeghloul as “Wonder Woman”. Costume by Nadia Zeghloul.

A group of rebels holds the position of the most wanted man in the world. Wonder Woman is looking for this information …

Not rated. 2:33 run time.

Check out a gallery of Nadia Zeghloul’s Wonder Woman cosplay(s) …

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Nadia Zeghloul links: website/Facebook/Instagram

My thoughts… I’ve been waiting and hoping for a good new Wonder Woman fan film to share with my tens of followers for a long time and here one is! Wonder Woman is an awesome Wonder Woman fan film – with a dumb ending! Cosplayer Nadia Zeghloul’s costume is sexy and beautiful [as is she] and the film’s action and effects are very well-done [especially the rope/whip!] and exciting, but the end twist is just dumb. However, despite that bad joke, Wonder Woman is still an awesome fan film and, currently, one of my favorites! More Nadia Zeghloul as the Amazonian warrior princess please!

If you want another awesome short film with a similarly dumb ending, watch The New Politics (here).

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