Cruskin is a “pop/rock/electro” band from Paris, France, formed in 2009. They are Sabrina Pedroso (vocals, guitar, piano), Alex Bonnet (bass) and Samuel Haudiquet (drums). Cruskin is highly recommended for fans of bands like America’s We Are The In Crowd and Australia’s Tonight Alive, as well as Ireland’s The Cranberries (circa 1994-95); while frontwoman Sabrina Pedroso is highly recommended for those wondering what the love child of Hunter Valentine‘s frontwoman Kiyomi and actress Ruby Rose would look like. Cruskin sings entirely in English.

Selected discography:

It Can Hurt (2011). 12 tracks. Choice cuts: “Carry On”, “This Is Who I Am”, “War”. Other good cuts: “Disaster”, “Let’s Play the Game”, “This Choice You’ve Made”, “Don’t Wake Me Up”, “Men Are All the Same”, “Revelation”, “Relapse”, “Agony”, “Be Brave and Never Look Back”.

“Zombie” (2013). A cover of the 1994 hit by The Cranberries. Awesome!

“Applause” (2013). A cover of the 2013 hit by Lady Gaga.

Secrets in a Box (2014). 12 tracks. Choice cuts: “My Soul to the Devil”, “You and I”, “Twisted Alchemy”. Other good cuts: “Stand Up Now”, “Free Your Mind”, “Is Anybody Home”, “What It Is to Be Me”, “Away From You”, “Flying with the Stars”, “Secrets in a Box”, “Losing Your Mind”, “Where It All Begins”.

“My Soul to the Devil (Acoustic Version)” (2016).

Selected videos:

Listen to tracks from Sabrina Pedroso’s solo electro house project here: “Louder”, “Come Free My Mind”. It’s not really my thing but you might like it.

Cruskin links: website/Facebook/YouTube

Sabrina Pedroso links: Facebook/YouTube/Vimeo

My thoughts… I recently discovered Cruskin when I saw the thumbnail for the video for “This Is Who I Am” on YouTube and thought the face I was looking at was that of Hunter Valentine‘s frontwoman Kiyomi. So, I clicked on the video and I’ll admit that, at first, I just watched the video because I was taken by this new [to me] band’s beautiful frontwoman Sabrina Pedroso. Short black hair like that just kills me! Then, I actually listened to the song and knew that I had found my new favorite band (of the week)! Cruskin‘s most current album Secrets in a Box is awesome – especially the single “My Soul to the Devil” – but, right now, I think I’m loving It Can Hurt just a little bit more. The occasional shared vocal with bassist Alex Bonnet and the whoa-oh-oh’s really drive home the We Are The In Crowd comparison on the band’s debut album. My preference will change I’m sure since both of Cruskin‘s albums have been spinning non-stop on my iPod ever since I discovered them way back… umm, yesterday! According to their website, they will be heading back into the studio to record their third album in just about two months. I’ll be checking back regularly for updates!

Cruskin, if nothing else, is my favorite French rock band! Sorry A VOID but, until you release a full-length album, you’ll have to be my #2!

Oh, and did I mention that Sabrina Pedroso is adorable? No? Well, she is!

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