“Nowhere To Run” is from Canadian punk/alternative rock band Hunter Valentine‘s album Collide and Conquer (2012). The video was made in October 2014 to support Anti-Bullying Month.

Hunter Valentine have teamed up with Stomp Out Bullying to bring attention to October being Anti Bullying month. We made a video for “Nowhere To Run” to give hope and support to those being bullied. We do not condone bullying. Schools should be a safe place for education, a place to make friends and enjoy being young. Schools should not be a place of torment, a place where people are picked on and threatened and a reason for youth to be filled with so much fear and pain, they take their own lives. No one deserves to be bullied. Not for their gender, their race, their sexual orientation. Not for any reason. We are united in standing up against bullies. Join us to STOMP out Bullying.

Watch the video on YouTube (here).

My thoughts… Despite the fact that Hunter Valentine is one of my favorite rock bands and that “Nowhere To Run” is my favorite song by them, I didn’t even know they released this video! Well, now I do. This video is beautiful and poignant. The song was written about Kiyomi’s own struggles when she came out as a teenager and its message fits perfectly for all types of bullying. My daughter is a tomboy type and she often gets bullied at school by boys who call her a lesbian even though she hasn’t even figured out who she is herself. I don’t care if she’s straight or gay or whatever, I just want her to own whoever she eventually figures out she is. I’ll love and support her no matter what. Why are kids still so cruel?

Sadly, it won’t get any better in Trump’s America.

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