University of Zombies (2011) is a short zombie film created by UNT Housing 720 at The University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. Directed by Joel Morales. Written by Sergio Almendariz, Ryan Collins and Austin Gage. Starring Jessica Rodriguez, Austin Gage, Olivia Ybarra, Erin Dickinson, Ryan Collins, Joel Morales, Philip Elliott, and Jon Barlett. A 720 Production in association with the RTVF REAL community.

Not rated. 11:48 run time.

My thoughts… University of Zombies is so charmingly ameteurish! I love it! I write “screenplays” solely for my own enjoyment. I’ve been writing them since 2003. I’ve written several teens vs zombie “screenplays” and, if ever I were to realize any of them, I would be very pleased if they turned out as nicely done as this. I’m guessing the hallway rampage is an homage to the Korean thriller Oldboy (2003). Good job, UNT students! I have to agree with wheelchairby 284… the professor’s monotone rant is awesome! Oh, and haileyolivia moore said “Wait I’m sorry.. But reality check ,” then went on to decry the speed at which the zombie outbreak occurred [in a “short” film!] but exactly what reality is her “reality check” based on? Zombies aren’t real, are they?

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