BloodSuckerS (2015) is a short Belgian vampire film written, directed & edited by Steven Daemers for B.A.S. Films and F.E. Productions. Starring Volker Lefevere and Kayleigh Tofield.

A vampire hunter has captured a vampire. There are many different ways to catch a vampire. With salt, blood, a cross and a shotgun he plays with the undead.

These new half-breed vampires can live in daylight but they still avoid direct contact with sunlight. You can find them in shadowy places.

So these vampires live between humans, feeding and killing at will. But one man will make a difference to stop these murderess creatures. A vampire hunter is sent by the church to stop this once and for all.

Not rated. 4:23 run time.

Watch the trailer (here).

My thoughts… BloodSuckerS is basically a vampire snuff film. I like it. But why did that vampire hunter have to kill such a sexy vampire?! I would’ve just asked her nicely not to kill innocent people, then let her go. “To be continued…” it says in the end. I’m all in for more undead torture porn. But I want to see that vampire hunter face a whole coven of sexy female vampires!

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