Misdirection (2016) is a short horror/comedy film written & directed by Caden Butera. Starring Chance McWillaims as “Michael”, Bethany Stone as “Amy”, Kris Fisher as “Scott”, and Autumn Moore as “Clerk”. Inspired by the works of Sam Rami’s Evil Dead franchise. Filmed with a Canon 70D DSLR.

After two teenage deadbeats try to pursue their childhood dreams as magicians, the day takes a turn for the worst as an evil spirit is accidentally summoned.

Not rated. 21:05 run time.

Watch the trailer (here).

My thoughts… “It’s wabbit season bitch!” Misdirection is more retro-’80s horror fun [see also Night of the Ghouls]! Misdirection is what The Evil Dead would look like if Sam Raimi was a failed magician before he became a filmmaker! I love this film! But, why are those Michael and Scott so mean to Amy? She’s adorable! She even makes an adorable demon! I was sad when Michael beat her with a shovel! Misdirection 2 will never be made” it says in the final frame. Bastards!

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