Night of the Ghouls (2016) is “a short 80’s horror/comedy film” written & directed by Eric Yoder. Starring John O’Rourke, Masie Kuh, Brian Murphy, Matt Kates, Robert Norman, Eric Yoder, and Grover Cox.

Halloween Night 1985, one high school party gets taken over by vengeful demons, and they’re just dying to party! Made for the love of 80’s horror/comedies, 80’s feel, dark comedy, gut wrenching horror and a little bit of cheese. If you love any film like Night of the Demons, Night of the Creeps, and Dead Alive – this is the short for you!

Not rated. 12:02 run time.

My thoughts… Night of the Ghouls is awesome retro ’80s horror fun that delivers charm, authenticity, and enough practical gore and make-up effects to please any old-school gore hound! I would love to see this as a feature-length film!

night-of-the-ghouls-01 night-of-the-ghouls-02 night-of-the-ghouls-03 night-of-the-ghouls-04 night-of-the-ghouls-05