Red Racer (2016) is a short sci-fi/action film written & directed by Preston Yarger & Andrew Carlisi for Half Dead Horse Pictures [HDH Pictures] and Carlisi Pictures. Starring Danielle Moore as “Red”, Justin Capebianco as “Axel”, Viva Valdez as “DJay”, Daniel Tuchscherer as “Red’s Father”, and Priscilla Lu Bode as “Flare Girl”.

In 2021, using her late father’s muscle car, Red Racer drives towards vengeance against the undefeated Android her father built.

Not rated. 9:55 run time.

Watch the original cut (here/here). Watch the trailer (here).

My thoughts… Red Racer is a colorful, retro-’80s, sci-fi/action film fueled by androids, fast cars, vengeance, and the very beautiful Danielle Moore! She looks amazing in this film and this film looks great, too! “Red will race on” they promise in the final frame and I’m looking forward to more Red Racer adventures!

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Oh, and by the way, Viva Valdez is adorable, too! Love her name!

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