Sisters of Secrets (2016) is a short action film written & directed by Andrew Carlisi for Carlisi Pictures. Starring Danielle Moore and Viva Valdez.

Not rated. 2:00 run time.

My thoughts… Girls, guns and betrayal! I stumbled on actress Danielle Moore’s 2015 acting reel on YouTube (here) and decided to check out some of the short films she’s been featured in – including some from Preston Yarger. In fact, she played Domino in Yarger’s awesome Deadpool fan film Deadpool: 8 Shots in 1 Shot but I barely even noticed her when I first posted that film on this blog! Anyway, I’ve taken notice now and so I started my Danielle Moore FilmFest with Sisters of Secrets. It’s not the best short action film but it’s definitely the kind I like!

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sisters-of-secrets-02 sisters-of-secrets-03