VOODUNNIT (2015) is a short action/horror/comedy film directed by Leo Kei Angelos & Kristen Brancaccio.Written by Kristen Brancaccio. Starring Adrienne Camille and James Logan. With Erika Ellis and Meredith Michalojko. Winner of Best Cinematography and Best Actor (James Logan) at James Franco’s 72 Hour Horror Film Fest 2015.

Two detectives, a veteran and a rookie, must stop a serial killer using supernatural forces or else they may never see another Taco Tuesday.

Not rated. 13:06 run time.

My thoughts… VOODUNNIT is another excellent short film from up-and-coming Vietnamese-born filmmaker Leo Kei Angelos! This one is a buddy cop parody mixed with a mystery thriller and a horror film. There’s action, comedy, crime investigation, voodoo, zombies, bikinis, and a bad-ass beauty (Adrienne Camille)!

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Adrienne Camille