Die My Darling Di (2009) is a “short punk rock horror film” presented by Grizzled Films. Starring Jack Slavkin as “Archie”, Chris Swirles as “Otto”, and Lauren Ziemski as “Di”.

Not rated. 19:12 run time.

My thoughts… Die My Darling Di is a gritty grindhouse-styled horror film that I think may have been inspired by the awesome monster fest Feast (2005). I love Di (Lauren Ziemski) – especially in that corset and plaid skirt! And I love the music – especially the songs by Lady Sinatra (“I’d Rather Be Dead” and a cover of The Misfits’ “Die Die My Darling”)! My only problem with Die My Darling Di is the badly-rendered CGI monsters. If the monsters were rendered via more practical effects, this film would’ve been even better!